Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sonic Vs. Tony Hawk 2: The Boss Battle

Being an adventure in which Sonic the Hedghog and Tony Hawk have a contest to see who can down a boss first.

After their epic race, Sonic wanted a rematch against Tony Hawk but not in another race. In a new kind of contest. One to see who could down a boss faster. Sonic thuoght this was a great diea for a contest. Tony Hawk agreed.

The ruels were simple. One of them would find Dr. Eggman and defeat him and time how long it took to defeat him. There would be a referee to make sure there was no cheating. Then the other one would find Eggman and defeat him and time it.

They flipped a coin and Sonic won with heads. He found Eggman flying around in his little floating pod thing and told him he was going to kick his ass. Eggman disagreed. He dropped down a ball on a chain from his pod thing like in the first level of the first game from the Sonic Mega Collection. Sonic jumped on a platform opposite of where the ball was swinging and jumped on Eggman’s head. He repeated this like 8 more times and defeated Eggman with a time of 3 minutes and 10 seconds.

Tony Hawk went next. It only took a coupkle hours for Eggman to fix his pod thing so they didn’t have to wait too long for the fight. Eggman didn’t know who Tony Hawk was so Tony Hawk challenged him to a fight. Eggman said he didn’t care to fight because he didn’t have anything to prove to Tony Hawk. Tony Hawk called Eggman a pussy. It was on after that. Tony Hawk used the same strategy as Sonic, but it didn’t work as well for him because he had nothing to trick off of and gain speed. He could do manuals, but manuels don’t give you that much speed. With time running out, he decided to just throw his skateboard at Eggman for the final hit. Throwing did the job, but Tony Hawk’s time was 3 mintues and 11 seconds.

Sonic won. They agreed to have one final contest. A fight to the dearth.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sonic Vs. Tony Hawk 1: The Race

Being an adventure in which Sonic the Hedghog and Tony Hawk have a race.

One day Sonic was running around jumping on bad guy robots and killing tehm when he ran into Tony Hawk who was skateboarding around and doing 900s. Everynoe was like wow, Osnic and Tony Hawk are both hanging out in the same place. Sonic suggested that he and Otny Hawk have a race. Tony Hawk agreed that they should race. Tony Hawk said he would win. Sonic disagreed.

They took their places at the starting line and some kid said go. He wasn’t supposed to, but he did. Jackass. But Sonmic and Tony Hawk didn’t mind. Sonic was winning early in the race because he could run a lot faster than Tony Hawk could build up speed on his skateboard.

They went down a big hill and Tony Hawk gained a lot of speed. He was abouit tied with Sonic. That song from the first level of Sonic Adventure 2 was playing and everyone got really pumped. “Gotta follow my rainbow!!!” Sweet. Anyway, the race was close.

But then sonic pulled ahead again. But then, Tony Hawk saw a ramp and thought, “If I do a 900, I will gain enough speed to get across the finish line before Sonic.” So he did a 900, and it gave a burst of speed that sent him across the finish line before sonic. Everyone knows that tricks make skateboarders go faster.

Tony Hawk won the race. Everynoe was really pumped and they were cheering. They would have cheered for Sonic too because they are both good guys and are really cool. Sonic said they should have another contest some time. Tony Hawk agreed.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Cloud City

Being an adventure in which Cloud and Lando team up to whoop some ass.

One day Cloud was flying through space and decided to stop by on the planet Bespin from Star Wars. Specifically he went to the Cloud City to hang out with his best pal Lando Calrissian. Lando was hanging out by McStagger’s bar impressing drunks with his breakdancing skillz. Cloud suggested that he and Lando blow this joint and whoop some ass. Lando agreed.

So Lando and Cloud flew through space for awhile, with Lando riding on cloud’s back because Lando does not possess the ability to fly. But it wasn’t gay. Because Cloud is very manly and not at all effeminate. Lando is cool too. But I don’t have to tell oyu that.

They stopped when Cloud noticed one of the Death Stars. “Wait, that’s not a planet. It looks like one, but it’s all gray and metal looking,” Cloud said. Lando informed him it was a bad thing called a Death Star. “We should kill it, Cloud said. Lando agreed.

So Cloud jumped at the Death Star with his sword and cut it in half straight down the middle. “Daaaayyyyummnnn,” said Lando. All the stormtroopers were all like holy crap. Cloud singlehandily defeated the empire. The Rebel alliance was most pleased and made Cloud their new emporer. Lando was made Vice Emporer for his help.

After that, Cloud and Lando went to Mos Isley to get into bar fights with some sweet aliens. And they shot Greedo. It wasn’t Han.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Introductory, My Dear Watson

Welcome to Stranger Fan Fiction. When you say the name of the site, put the emphasis on the fan. That way, it will sound like a parody of the phrase stranger than fiction. Which it is. So say it right if you don’t want to sound ignorant.

Anyway, it’s a fan fiction site, if you didn’t figure that out from the name. In fact, if you didn’t figure that out from the name, please leave the site now, as you will not appreciate the general sweetness of the blog.

What separates Stranger Fan Fiction from other fan fiction sites is that our site is good. I mean, would other fan fiction sites think to have Cloud from Final Fantasy VII get in and out of ultra-sticky situations? Along with characters from DBZ, Star Wars, classic books, and other stuff?I think you know the answer.

That’s it. Get ready to get your fanfic on.